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a person posing for the camera

Jack Gallagher

Padding around shoeless in his tidy Land Park home, comedian Jack Gallagher seems the quintessence of cool. Open and down-to-earth, a guy clearly comfortable in his own skin, Gallagher tells the stories of his life — his “stuff,” as he calls it — with disarming ease. Storytelling, after all, is how he’s made his living for more than 30 years.

At 57, Gallagher has seen the national spotlight as a stand-up comic, award-winning PBS television host, TV pitchman, sometime sitcom and film actor and sought-after spokesman, master of ceremonies and comic relief for countless corporate and civic events, training and fundraisers. He’s also the author of four one-man plays — the most recent, A Different Kind of Cool, making its debut at the B Street Theatre — that riff on the rough and smooth of his life with poignancy and humor.

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