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Wayne Previdi

Wayne Previdi was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in a middle-class background attending public schools for most of his life except the one year he spent at a New Hampshire boarding school. Upon his triumphant return and subsequent graduation from public school, he took a year to work at the loading docks for Budweiser. Soon after being laid off, Previdi then decided to take on community college. Once again change was imminent and he moved on to Bridgwater State College where the football coach expresses interest in him. There, after one semester, 14 classes missed and a 1.3 GPA, Previdi was kindly asked to leave. From then on he would channel all energy into drama; both theatre and film, and stand-up comedy. Wayne became a regular fixture at comedy clubs around New England. After five years of working the circuit, Wayne would move to LA and soon become a regular and emcee at the Laugh Factory. A true actor, he would appear in a number of feature films, plays, and CDs. Wayne also has some writing in the works, including a television pilot and feature.

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