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Larry Myles

Myles, a popular New England talent is definitely on his way to the big leagues.” (Manchester Magazine)

“One of the best-kept secrets in Boston, it’s just a matter of time before Larry Myles achieves national notoriety. Like the amiable wise guy you met at the local bar, you love to hear complaints about the Red Sox. He also has a keen topical sense. I just got back from Los Angeles, it’s such a big city. If you want to go anywhere you have to drive. Nobody walks in L.A. unless, of course, you’re a celebrity accused of murder.” (The Boston Globe)

Count Alan Dershowitz among Myles’ growing number of fans. After a recent performance of Martha’s Vineyard, Myles’ set left the celebrated lawyer “very impressed.” “The young comedian seemed at home on stage. He strolled back and forth dispensing his philosophies and leaving nothing sacred untouched by his alacritous wit.” (Village Voice)

One contributing writer from the Tonight Show described Myles’ unique brand of comedy as: “From-the-hip social commentary that’s funny at first, then settles in to make real sense.”

Though he often plays the edge, the talented comedian never crosses the boundaries of good taste. “Call me a square, but I usually prefer clean jokes to the dirty ones, and I was happy that Larry did not overuse four-letter words and crude remarks. In fact, Larry’s funniest jokes were also the cleanest. He’s a scream.” (New York News Day)

The ability to work clean and still be on the cutting edge makes Myles a welcome addition to any comedy venue.

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