Prince Pizza Rules

Prince Pizza Rules: A true story from a loyal Prince customer

Rule #1

Never pick up Chicken, Broccoli & Ziti without eating breakfeast…mouth will salivate like a dog for the entire car ride…..

Rule #2

If you make mistake #1….do not put the tray in the trunk of your car where it is impossible to reach to sneak a piece of chicken, broccoli or ziti out of the tray….

Rule #3

Never, never, never, order only one tray, regardless of how large it is! If the tray is going to someone else’s house for drop-off…mouth will continue to salivate hours after dropping of tray because you are now craving chicken ,broccoli & ziti and nothing else curbs your appetite… Read more

Pizza Eating Event Held at Saugus Eatery

Pizza Eating Event Held at Saugus Eatery

Pizza Contest

By Matt Tempesta / The Daily Item

SAUGUS — Nine contestants stood in a row in front of a long white table at Prince Pizzeria in Saugus Thursday night, each one with two pizza pies and two pitchers of water sitting in front of them.

After a countdown from five, the contestants dug in and stuffed their faces to try and win the $500 grand prize at Prince’s first-ever pizza-eating competition.

After 10 minutes of eating, Jamie McDonald of Hartford, Conn. took home the prize by downing four full pizza pies.

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